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White Wine

Madeliene Angevine 2013, Astley Vinyards, Astley England

  • Exclusively English grape variety, crisp, dry and elegant. Enjoy with poultry and seafood. 11.5%

Veritas 2011, Astley Vinyards, Astley England

  • Kerner grape, a Riesling cross variety. Medium dry, crisp acidity. Can be aged up-to ten years. 11.5%

Pinot Blanc 2013, Stopham Estate Sussex England

  • Off-dry white with primrose aroma, gooseberries, lime and guava on the palate. Enjoy with fish or chicken. 11.5%

Foxes Island Sauvignon Blanc 2014, Balsham Awatere Estate Marlborough New Zealand 

  • Grassy nose, notes of elderflower and asparagus. Good body. Great with light summery dishes. 13.5%

Riesling 2012, Keller, Flörsheim-Dalsheim Germany 

  • Medium-bodied. Buttery nose, delicate sweetness, slight acidity. Sweet finish. 12.5%

Red Wine

Le Grappin Savigny Les Beaune 2014, Côte D’Or France

  • “An old basket dress was utilised to preserve the wine’s tannin finesse before matuation in oak for texture and complexity.” 12.5%


Rioja Rosado 2012, Sierra Cantabria

  • Light-bodied, medium sweet. Caramel nose. 13%


Masons Gin, Original, Yorkshire England 42% 70cl £38

Masons Gin, Steve’s Apple Edition, Yorkshire England 42% 70cl £38

Masons Gin, Peppered Pear Edition, Yorkshire England 42% 70cl £38

Masons Gin, Original, Yorkshire England 42% 20cl £15

Masons Gin, Tea Edition, Yorkshire England 42% 20cl £15

Bobby’s Schiedam Dry Gin 42% 70cl

Ferdinand’s Saar Quince Fruit Genever 30% 50cl

Rives, London Dry Gin, Spain 70cl


Michel Couvreur Burgundian Single Malt Whisky
Bouze-Les-Beaune, France 70cl

Kings County Distillery, Bourbon, Grain spirit distilled from corn mash 45% 20cl

Kings County Distillery, Bourbon Whiskey, Bottled-in-bond 50% 20cl


Francois Voyer, VS Cognac Grande Champange 40% 70cl

Tovaritch, Premium Russian Vodka, Russia 70cl

Sergio Caetano, Germana Cachaca, Brazil 70cl

Clement Liqueur “Shrubb Orange”, Martinique 70cl

Pierde Almas Espadín Single Origin Mezcal, Mexico 50.9% 70cl