Flagon Information

Buy our branded flagon or nugget and get 10% off when you refill it*

Here at Little Leeds we sell flagons (aka growlers, empty strong bottles) and draught beer to take away. By filling the bottle with carbon dioxide the filler machine enables you to take great quality fresh beer away with you at great prices, ideal for sharing. We have four draught keg lines to choose from, check out the draught menu which is updated regularly.

Branded Flagon  1.9 litre = 3 1/3pints                                      £7.50

Branded Nugget    750ml = aprox. 1 1/3 pints                        £5.50


Once filled, keep upright and store in a cold, dark place. The contents should last for 2 weeks untouched. When you open the flagon we recommend the beer is consumed within 12 hours, with the lid being replaced between glasses.

Cleaning Instructions:

Once you have purchased your flagon or nugget it is your responsibility to keep it clean. The following is our best advice:

Do not leave any beer in the bottle once finished. Always empty and rinse with water if you can’t wash it straight away.

To clean: Empty and wash with hot soapy water, then rinse to remove any soap residue. Once clean leave to fully dry before replacing the lid. Bottle cleaning brushes are inexpensive to buy in supermarkets if the bottle requires a thorough scrub.

If storing for any length of time make sure bottle is completely dry before replacing lid and always wash before re-use. We don’t recommend using a dishwasher as this will damage the design.

* Subject to availability. Little Leeds Beerhouse reserves the right to remove this offer from any draught product at any time.