New Wines

We have teamed up with Wayward Wines to freshen our wine selection and compliment the offering we have over at Brownhill & Co.. Below are some notes on each wine written by Steve Nuttall at Wayward.

Le Mazel Cuvée Charbonnières 2016

Valvignères, Ardèche, France

“Charbonnières is 100% Chardonnay that is textured, vinous, and heaves with tropical fruit. The wine is direct pressed into stainless steel where it begins a long and slow spontaneous fermentation with no temperature control that takes place over the course of 19 months. The wine is then bottled under crown cap leaving just a little residual sugar, leaving the wine off-dry and with a bit of spritz. A welcome companion to mature cheeses, roast chicken Sunday lunches, even fiery aromatic Asian dishes – Charbonnières can stand up to pretty much anything that hits the table.”

La Vrille et le Papillon Z Blanc 2017

Valvignères, Ardèche, France

“Z Blanc is 100% Viognier that bursts with vibrant, tropical fruit. The wine is direct-pressed into old barrels to ferment and then left on the lees for ten months. The ferment is long and slow, and the resulting wine is bottled just before all of the sugar had completely converted, leaving it succulent, off-dry and with a pleasant spritz.”


L’Alezan L’Excuse 2017

Etables, Ardèche, France

“L’Excuse is precisely one of those geography-straddling wines, made using a blend of roughly. 25% Gamay from Beaujolais and 75% Cinsault from the Gard. The grapes were then taken to their cellar in Tain l’Hermitage where vinification began. The name L’Excuse came about as initially the plan was to make two different wines with each of the grapes, however the Gamay was very sugar ripe resulting in more degrees of alcohol that expected, the Cinsault the opposite, so… a blend was in order. It was a resounding success and now the wine is made this way every year. There is juicy peppery fruit coming from the Gamay, and dark, damson plum fruit from the Cinsault. The wine is structured and robust, but also open and fresh. A producer we feel are destined for great things!”

Le Mazel Cuvée Briand 2015

Valvignères, Ardèche, France

“Briand is 100% Grenache and is, in our opinion, a perfect example of how this varietal presses itself in this part of the world. The fruit is spicy and red, with a beautiful floral perfume as well as notes of allspice and clove. There is great structure from the bright acidity, and the fruit has a dark, sappy quality. The perfect foil to a plate of fatty rillettes or coarse terrine. As usual, it starts with a ten-day whole bunch carbonic maceration before being pressed off to stainless steel tank for a long, slow fermentation with no temperature control. Almost 2 years later the wine is ready to be bottled. Gérald no longer gives this cuvée any time in barrel, preferring the bright, primary fruit the tank method preserves.”

Mikael Bouges La Pente de Chavigny 2018

Touraine, Loire, France

“La Pente De Chavigny is delicious, sating wine for the table, made from young vines of Sauvignon Blanc and completed in tank. The fruit shows great ripeness rather than typically overtly green characteristics, and as well as having a sharp line of acidity the palate is pleasingly rounded. After the fruit the trademark mineral notes hit on the finish like liquid rock. Refreshing, easy drinking but with a whole lot more going on than your typical entry-level Touraine Sauvignon.”

Mikael Bouges Les Côts Hauts 2017

Touraine, Loire, France

“Les Côts Hauts is made using fruit from young Malbec vines that are around 17 years old. The fruit is bright and crunchy and clearly transmits the mineral rich soils over which the vines are planted; the aromas of gravel and wet stones sit high in the balance. The wine possesses a bloody, iron-y quality and is best served with a light chill, some soft, creamy local cheese and a hunk of farmhouse terrine.”

For more details on the producers please visit Wayward Wines 

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