Bobby’s Scheidam Dry Gin

Bobby's Gin

Bobby’s Scheidam Dry Gin

Botanicals such as juniper, fennel and rose hips make Bobby’s a ‘Schiedam Dry Gin’ and create the balance between east and west. Bobby’s is a nod to the creators’ Grandfather, Bobby Alfons, who unwittingly created “a combination of Dutch Courage and Indonesian Spirit”.

It is traditional Indonesian botanicals and spices that give Bobby’s Schiedam Dry Gin its unique flavor profile. Bobby’s Schiedam Dry Gin only uses organic ingredients to create its characteristic scent and taste.

The instantly recognisable bottle is a modern interpretation of a classic jenever bottle. The classic ‘kruik’ bottle is brought to the 21st century with a strong and modern interpretation of its shape and made in beautiful brown and grey smoked glass.

The screen printed Ikat pattern is traditionally Indonesian; and through both of these elements, Bobby’s creates another unique mixture of east and west.

Bobby’s is available in 70cl bottles at LLBH, priced at £42.00.