On Draught




17 February

Brewery, Beer Name, Description ABV%, £/750ml Nugget / £/1.9 liter Growler


Cloudwater Brew Co., Barrel & Ardi, Bourbon BA Tripel with Citra Hops 8.2% £8/£22

Northern Monk Brew Co. X Deya X Verdant, Hop City 2018, Double IPA 8.4% £8/£22

Cloudwater Brew Co., Small IPL Citra, Hoppy Lager 2.9% £5/£13

Cloudwater Brew Co. X Port Street Beer House, Wizard King Stout, Belgian Imperial Stout 12% £9.80/£25

Branded Flagon                       £7.50

Branded Nugget                         £5.50

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