Chorlton Brewing Co.

Chorlton 130.04.15

The talented Mike Marcus joined us for our second beer tasting. After cutting his teeth with The Kernel, London he set up his brewery in Manchester in 2014. Chorlton specialise in all things sour and Mike is on a quest to perfect his geuze. Here’s a little of what he has to say :

“Chorlton Brewing Co is all about producing amazing beer at reasonable prices. We’re mostly concentrating on sour beers as we’re on a mission to expand the possibilities of what’s possible using the four ingredients of water, grain, hops and yeast. But there’ll also be a regular IPA and experiments with novel ingredients like woodruff, sarsaparilla and myrrh.”

This is the drinking order Mike suggested:

Yakima Sour 6.5% *pour straight away, that yeast will rise!*

Citra Sour 5.7%

Woodruff Berliner 3.8%

Mike also brought his Marzen un-lagered and lagered to show us the difference.